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04 Jun 2015
roof repair austin

Is the roof in need of a repair? Finding out whether it’s time to look for the best roofing services can be a difficult task. Quite often, signs and symptoms of roof damage are extremely difficult to spot, unless you climb over the roof.

Still, doing routine inspections and knowing where you should look can make it a little easier to identify a problem. Below are a few of the main signs that you will be in need of roof repair services.

Indoor Warning signs of Roof Problems
A broken roof will allow moisture to get in the house. Sooner or later, this moisture will result in visible signs. The most common symptoms of a roof problem that are noticed inside the house include brown or discolored spots about the ceiling, mold formation, peeling wallpaper and cracked or peeling paint for the ceiling and the floors.

These problems could have been caused by the buildup of too much moisture inside rather than by a damaged roof. Still, calling professional contractors to accomplish an inspection will be the best thing to do.

If you have a water leak or dripping water at home, you can be 100 percent sure that the roof is damaged. Find the right roof repair service immediately. The more you wait, the more pronounced the injury is going to get.
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Indications of Shingle Damage
Carry out the shingles on your roof must be replaced? It’s a good idea to do shingle inspections every now and then.

Curling shingles are clearly damaged. Excessive heat or even the age of the shingles will sooner or later contribute to such problems. The older they get, singles may also start buckling. The buckling appears to be a visible distortion or possibly a wave in the roof’s slope. Poorly installed and older roof tend to be more prone to buckling.

Finally, look for missing shingles or granules. Since the shingle’s protective granules start falling, it will harden due to effects of the intense sunlight. Soon, the shingle will potentially curl or you’ll notice the typical buckling.

Serious Alterations in Your Utility Bills
Lots of heat can be lost from your roof, especially if it is often damaged. The roof plays an important role in insulating your house and keeping the temperatures inside steady.

An unexpected and big change in your power bill could be indicative of roof damage. As heat the skin loses from the roof, your HVAC equipment will have to work extra-hard in order to compensate. This can be the main reason why air conditioning will consume more electricity.

Your increased utility bills could also be indicative of an HVAC problem. Look for other signs of roof harm to make sure that the problem comes from this part of the house.

Overflowing Gutters
The fitness of the gutters can also provide tons of information about your roof.

If your gutters are clogged, chances are that debris and shingle particles could have fallen there. Clogged gutters could make the water from the roof seep near the house’s foundations. That’s a serious problem as it can contribute to basement flooding.

Don’t hesitate to find a quality roof repair service. The right professionals can also do regular roof inspections to suit your needs. Such inspections will probably be needed to spot damage regularly and have it fixed before it becomes a much more serious issue.


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